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Certificate of state registration program GEORADAR-EXPERT


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Over the past decades, the method of georadiolocation has surely taken its rightful place among non-destructive methods of research and monitoring of subsurface media. A lot of positive experience has been accumulated, both in field work and in the processing and interpretation of georadar data.

On April 12, 2017, the following features were added to the GEORADAR-EXPERT software:

The ability to trace the change of the 3D assembly attribute in depth at a given point (logging trace). The logging trace data is saved in a graphical and text file. The file in graphical format contains the graph of the attribute change in depth (see the picture below on the left), the file in text format contains a table of two columns with a space separator, where the first column is the depth in meters, the second column is the attribute value (see picture below on the right):

On March 30, 2017, the following features were added to the GEORADAR-EXPERT software:

In addition to the existing orthogonal cross-sections of 3D assembly, the user can create a vertical cross-section of arbitrary shape. First, the user creates a polyline:

Then, on the basis of this polyline, a vertical cross-section is created:

And a two-dimensional view of this cross-section is created:

This cross-section can be saved to a file and downloaded from a file into the program.

In addition, the following options are added:

- Frequency-dependent automatic gain control (AGC) of signals of radargram . The user, changing the focus of AGC, selects that part of the spectrum, which, to a greater extent, will be influenced by AGC;

- Export the data of the GPR profile, section or cross-section of the 3D assembly into a TXT format table;

- Export data from a GPR profile, section or cross-section of a 3D assembly into the grid format of the Golden Software Surfer software, which has the GRD extension. The presence of export from the GEORADAR-EXPERT program to the GRD format opens the possibility to export the results of processing georadar data via Surfer in the following formats:

  • BLN Golden Software Blanking (*.bln)
  • BNA Atlas Boundary (*.bna)
  • DXF AutoCAD Drawing (*.dxf)
  • EMF Windows Enhanced Metafile (*.emf)
  • EPS Encapsulated Postscript (*.eps)
  • GSB Golden Software Boundary (*.gsb)
  • GSI Golden Software Interchange (*.gsi)
  • KML Google Earth KML (*.kml)
  • KMZ Google Earth KMZ (*.kmz)
  • MIF MapInfo Interchange Format (*.mif)
  • PDF (Vector) (*.pdf)
  • PDF (Raster) (*.pdf)
  • PNM Image (*.pnm)
  • RGB SGI-RGB Image (*.rgb, *.rgba, *.bw)
  • SHP ESRI Shapefile (*.shp)
  • SUN Sun Raster Image (*.ras, *.sun)
  • TGA Targa (TrueVision) (*.tga)
  • WMF Windows Metafile (*.wmf)
  • X AVS X-Image (*.x, *.ximg)

- Exporting the results of processing georadar data to the format of the program ReflexW;

- Improved memory management when processing long radargrams (tens of thousands of georadar traces);

- Improved interaction with the history of digital processing of georadar signals.


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